Kirtan Workshop

Kirtan Workshop

with Cristian Liotta and Keiko Yoshino

Sunday 2nd Sept 2018 – 2pm – 3:30pm
The Kirtan workshop will be conducted by Cristian Liotta and Keiko Yoshino.

Kirtan is a practice that belongs to the Bhakti Yoga tradition (Yoga of Devotion). It is considered to be the most effective form of meditation, as it reawakens man’s dormant love for the Supreme (whatever you consider it to be – enlightement, the cosmic energy or compassion), by purifying the heart.

Anyone can participate and benefit from Kirtan, regardless of age, gender, nationality, beliefs or social status.

Chanting is a wonderful way to unite people, calm our high paced life style, and balance our emotions and mind by stimulating our para-sympathetic nervous sytem and vagus nerve.

£15 per person


Kirtan Workshop