Sustaining Yoga during the Summer


As summer approaches and the Sun starts to shine longer and brighter. It’s easy for us to push our yoga practise to the side and put it on the back foot. However from my personal experience it’s one of my favourite seasons to stretch out and go deeper into my mind and body.

Summer in London and England, in general is something that we cherish not only because having a sunny day is very rare. The positive side is that it does really  brighten up peoples moods and makes London (and England) a much happier place to be.
But with that comes the increase in gatherings and social events which for some the decrease in healthy physical activities such as yoga.

As I start to see the amount of people in class decrease, I really do start to get a bit sad, yes really! I do! Mainly because regardless of the time of the year we still need our balance and our health, and as yogis and yoginins we know yoga provides us exactly what we need to keep our bodies and minds in tact.

Remaining focused

When you work hard to improve your practise and then just give it up for the summer you don’t only find it harder to get back to where you were but your body benefits from all four seasons. This helps and nutures the body when the season comes to a change again.

During the summer months we are likely to feel more sluggish and tired from the change in temperature, especially for Londoners that aren’t used to the heat all year round. Yoga has been scientifically proven to energise the body, and not only physically this also goes for providing a stronger mindstate which helps the body deal with tired states better.

Yoga is for all seasons

Whether you are a mother or father taking care of young kids and running around to get everything done, a student pushing towards that 1st class honours BA, an over worked young Londoner, or just someone that has recently retired, don’t forget that summer brings its own opportunity to learn something new in your practise but it’s also a season not to forget the benefits that your yoga brings to make your summer is extremely fruitful.

My personal practise has taught me that yoga is for life, not just for a season.

Thank you for reading and feel free to reach out to me for any yoga related questions on [email protected]

Written by Suraj Ghumra.