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We’re so bombarded by crazy diets every day and we live life at such a frantic pace we often compromise the way we nourish ourselves. As a result, we don’t get enough nutrients for the basic biochemical processes inside of us, let alone for practising hot yoga.Through our process of inspiration, re-education and support, with our empathetic but straight talking resident nutrition therapist, you will find the balance you need to maintain the body and lifestyle you want.

Our nutritionist takes the demands of your lifestyle into account – whether that’s international travel, family life or a reluctance to cook. They’ll work with you to formulate a realistic food plan with practical and enjoyable recommendations to help fine-tune your eating habits for the long-term, restore your body to optimum health and help you eat intelligently among the realities of everyday life.

Image of a consultation with JessIf you’re interested in weight loss or weight gain, have digestive issues or hormonal imbalance, or are looking for nutritional support for recovery from an illness, she will work with you to create a bespoke eating programme targeting your individual goals.

Forget the 5:2, paleo and VB6; book a one-to-one consultation, or join us for a workshop or retreat instead.

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