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Charlotte Hobbs

Rejuva Lymph & Rejuva Detox

My Name is Charlotte Hobbs and I trained as a Rejuva Therapist in 2016 after 10yrs working as a Hypoxi Therapist.

After years of helping people to change the way their bodies looked, I wasn’t addressing a vital issue – to change the way our bodies feel. With Rejuva Lymph and Rejuva Detox you can look AND feel amazing.

Rejuva Lymph
The lymphatic system is a remarkable and incredibly important part of the human body. By cleaning the lymph system we imprive the blood supply which in turn has a positive effect on every cell in the body.
People find relief from a wide range of seemingly unrelated issues such as: General aches & pains, water retention, skin problems, fatigue, constipation & digestive issues, immune system problems, headaches, difficulty in losing weight.

Rejuva Detox
The primary function of the Rejuva detox machine is to tap away at, and break down the hard toxic lining of the fat cells (calcified fat) where toxins are stored. The machine then switches to Lymphatic dilation and drainage, rapidly allowing the body to eliminate these toxins. As the digestive system becomes more efficient, the metabolism improves also. It is designed to help the body heal itself, promoting anti-ageing, wellness and energy. Ideal for: Arthritis, Allergies Circulation, Digestive issues, Hormonal issues, Sleep problems, Low Immune system, skin problems, Candida, Migraines.

60 mins: £45 for Rejuva Lymph
Price on quote for Rejuva Detox: 10day/14day/28day plans available.
Kula Family (members) discount:
£25 Lymph Massage, 10% off Rejuva Detox plans

Availability at Kula:
Monday 11am-4pm
Thursday 12pm-5pm

Contact details:
[email protected]
07793 016 890

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Charlotte Hobbs