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Baris Yazar

Clinical sports massage

A consultation with Baris is your opportunity to re-awaken awareness and reconnect with the natural movement of your body.

Baris believes that our intentions are a reflection of our body directing our movement and physiology. By changing our movement patterns, we can change our intentions and, in turn, our physiology. Through various forms of body work, breathing and touch, he believes that self awareness can be heightened, allowing you to take control of your actions, avoid injury and aid your own rehabilitation.

The body is very personal and every individual is unique. Baris likes to get to know his clients so he can really understand their problems and cater his treatment to their needs. He helps them not only alleviate their symptoms and recover, but also prevent future injury by understanding the root cause of the problems.

Sports massage prices:
60 minutes: £60
3 sessions for £150
5 sessions for £240 (5 for the price of 4 sessions)

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Baris Yazar - Clinical sports massage