Meet The Man of Many Talents – Baris Yazar

This month I get the honour to interview Baris Yazar, a free spirit who has many talents, some of which include; teaching, healing, practicing kindness, capoeria and sharing his love and positive energy. I usually interview only Yoga teachers, but this experience was quite different for me, I started to learn more about a person that focuses all of his energy on different practices but all with the pure intention to heal. Whether he is healing confidence and mental states through Capoeira & iFlo, or healing a knee through tissue theraphy, Baris is always working for the health and wellness for the world and others.

Who is Baris Yazar and what do you do?

I am Poetry | I am Music | I am Art | I am Rhythm | I am Movement | I am Dance  | I am You  | I am Me |

I am All there is lost in trance

I am Love | I am Peace | I am Here at last

#poetryinmotionuk @baris_yazar

I am that, I am. My mission is to empower people to reclaim themselves (mind &body) through movement. I understand one of your main passions and in depth knowledge is within Capoeira.

What is Capoeira, how long have you been practicing but also teaching the art form?

Capoeira is a holistic art form unifying dance, music and philosophy in a fun yet challenging ‘game’. It is a discipline for both body and mind. The is a lot of historical debate about the origins of Capoeira – but it is largely agreed upon by scholars that Capoeira is an Afro – Brazillian art form (of the african diaspora) with its roots in Africa and its visible trunk in Brazil and currently growing and developing its branches across the world. It is a legacy for the people of the African diaspora. A human cultural heritage.

You teach the iFlo classes here at Kula, what is iFlo all about?

In short, Iflo movement is a progressive bodyweight conditioning method which can hugely aid and supplement any practice or be used as a standalone training system. It is a movement session aimed to help you move well so you can enjoy what you do In life to the fullest!

These sessions are a great way to learn/fine tune core bodyweight skills (press ups •sit ups•planks•handstands•bridges•) in detail and/or for those that need to boost motivation, improve their life style or simply just to keep fit, lean and healthy.

Through these sessions practitioners develop: body awareness, strength, flexibility, mobility, co-ordination and confidence

And soon enough will transform the ‘ordinary into the extraordinary’ – Baris Yazar 

Not only do you teach the above you also are a natural healer. How did you get into the life of theraphy and clinical sports massage?

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by healers, both my parents were in the medical field. Dad a doctor and my mother a teacher of midwives. I grew up seeing massage applied daily, and spent a lot of time massaging my grandmother and walking on the backs of adults in my grandmothers household, all very professionally of course!

But it wasn’t until I got in to performance I realised how important and invaluable regular treatments are for the body and its function, I used to treat fellow performers, and decided to really study soft tissue therapy as I was seeing and feeling the benefits first hand.

What brings you most joy in your day to day working life?

I truly love teaching and treating people  Empowering those around me and in turn seeing them reclaim themselves, grow and feel better. Seeing this is a priceless gift.

You have this aura of love about you that those around you are lifted from, in this world of mayhem what keeps you so modest, grounded and full of positivity? 

What grounds me is exactly that, the ground. The fertile earth I came from.

My roots. Those simple teachings from my ancestors.  Knowing that we truly own nothing but our actions and thoughts and even those at best we cannot control, everything else in our time here is borrowed. This knowledge sustains me daily.

A random question, but something I thought I want to ask. I know you love what you do, that is clear, but what would you do if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now?

A doctor saving lives or an engineer trying to create renewable source of energy for the world.

If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?


If you had to the power to change anything in this World what would you change?

Our collective attitude to nature.

Written by Suraj Ghumra.

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