Meet The Man of Many Talents – Baris Yazar

This month I get the honour to interview Baris Yazar, a free spirit who has many talents, some of which include; teaching, healing, practicing kindness, capoeria and sharing his love and positive energy. I usually interview only Yoga teachers, but this experience was quite different for me, I started to learn more about a person that focuses all of his energy on different practices but all with the pure intention to heal. Whether he is healing confidence and mental states through Capoeira & iFlo, or healing a knee through tissue theraphy, Baris is always working for the health and wellness for the world and others. Continue reading “Meet The Man of Many Talents – Baris Yazar”

A Speech from Kula’s Director – Gerry Lopez

A Speech from Kula’s Director – Gerry Lopez – At Kula Wellbeing’s Launch in July 2016

I’ll start briefly by sharing a bit about where I come from.

I was born in London, son of a Mexican mum and dad. We moved to Mexico when I was 3 and I spent my early life there until my early 20’s. My curiosity and, of course, the British weather called me back to come and explore London. Continue reading “A Speech from Kula’s Director – Gerry Lopez”

May and Michelle – Yoga Together..

May on Practicing Yoga With Michelle..

Practicing yoga together means that we can encourage one another and keep up the momentum and motivation.

There are days when you don’t want to leave the house and your mind is occupied by all sorts. Or work has taken over your time and invaded the mind. Life, family and friends too can be demanding. So having a friend, partner in crime within your yoga classes is such a good way forward. Continue reading “May and Michelle – Yoga Together..”