Bikram Yoga with Music

Karen Butler

Bikram Yoga with Music

The wonderful Karen Butler leads the Bikram Yoga with music session every last Saturday of the month. Whether you are a regular Bikram  practitioner or you are completely new, this is a great way to start your Saturday night.

A bit about Karen

Karen has been a Bikram method teacher for 7 years, and has been practising herself for around 9 years. Having starting her yoga journey in 2009 due to suffering with with lower back pain for many years, Karen  found immediate relief and benefit, which led her to immerse herself into the discipline on a omre permanent basis.

Karen has a wealth of experience, and is leading the exciting newer form of the Bikram method which is the 60 minute music class. The Bikram method has numerous forms to it, and has adapted vastly over the last 10 years.

What is Bikram Yoga?

For those that are new to the method, it was designed to heal Bikram Choudhury’s knee after a very unforunate accident, and with the power of the postures mixed with the heat, he found a method that could help other’s that suffer with injuries, ailments, unforunate outcomes from trauma and injury and many more things that even include mental theraphy.

From my personal experience as a yoga practitioner and where I have come from, the method is fantastic and has helped my trauma tremendously. And with the more modern aspect of music added to the 60 minute class, this form offers a more dynamic experience and something different for the regular practioner as well as those that are quite new to Bikram yoga and yoga in general.

We look fowrard to seeing you at the studio this Saturday, the 28th of July at 6PM for this class. Karen holds this class at the end of each month from 6-7p anyway, so if you are away next Saturday, you can always join for the one in August!

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Written by Suraj Ghumra