Bikram Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga


We practise the original form of Bikram hot yoga, based on the Bikram series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. We perform it over 90 or 60 minutes in a room, heated to approximately 42°C. The class is lead verbally so be prepared to listen! The idea behind this is to stop your mind from drifting and helping it to anchor into the present moment.


  • Feel it from head to toe – Bikram hot yoga systematically works your every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, organ and gland.
  • As well as allowing your body to stretch, cleanse and detoxify, it acts like a preventative medicine, strengthening your immune system and helping relieve chronic pain such as arthritis, joint, knee and back issues.
  • Hot yoga also moves oxygenated blood to the cells of your body, guaranteeing your respiratory and cardiovascular system a good workout.
  • The postures massage your internal organs and stimulate your endocrine and nervous systems, releasing any deficient hormones and enzymes, which can greatly reduce stress levels and help with depression and anxiety.
  • You’ll burn between 500 and 1000 calories per 90-minute session, making it an excellent way to facilitate weight loss and aid digestion.
  • The 26 postures yoga class is an intelligently designed and safe yoga series for beginners. Just focus on your breath and alignment and we guarantee you’ll start to feel the results from your very first class!

Should I practice for 90 or 60 minutes?

Both our 90 and 60 minute classes consist of the same sequence, except that in the 60 minutes class you will only be doing 1 set of each pose instead of 2 (with the exception of the main spine postures). Both classes are the same pace and open to all levels, although we recommend practising a 90 minute before trying the 60 minute class.

For something a little different, we also teach a Candlelit Bikram (for extra zen) – this class is 90 mins and not recommended for students completely new to Bikram.

Practice if you are feeling… up for a challenge! Physically, mentally and emotionally. Walk out with a sense of rejuvenation, relaxation and desire to conquer the world.

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